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Start a Hive

Ready to start a hive? Here is some basic info on backyard beekeeping installations. Call or email us if you have any questions.

Start-up Costs to have a Honey Bee Hive

Bees: $130 (typically a recently caught swarm) later in the year bees can cost lots more!
Equipment: Approximately $450
Training: $40 per hour

How to get your equipment and what to buy

We order our equipment from Mann Lake — 800-880-7694 or
They are an employee owned business with their main facility back east but lucky for us they have a large facility in Woodland, CA run by Jack & Betty and their other employees. Any order over $100 ships for free & it seems to come very quickly!! (Also see Mann Lake in our Library).

Equipment List

Quantities needed are in ( )

(1) Bee stands can be built to suit the hive site location. A simple one can be made by placing (8) half size concrete blocks, stacked 2 to a corner. You can also buy a pre-made one HD-710 $79.50

Assembled & Painted Boxes
(2) HK-190 9-5/8″ Hive Body Kit comes with wood frames & “Rite Cell” foundation $66.95 ea.
(2) HK-210 6-5/8″ Super Kit comes with wood frames & “Rite Cell” foundation $52.95 ea.

(1) WW-301 Telescoping Cover with Inner Cover $29.95
(1) HD-825 Pallet Strap $1.00

The Screened bottom board must be ordered through Country Rube or picked up at BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley (see Library).

(1) HD-620 hive tool $11.95
(1) HD-660 bee brush $4.95
(1) HD-565 smoker $29.95

Protective Clothing
(Check for your size, these are large size to fit a person 6 ft)
(1) CV-115 Suit $149.95
(1) CV-140 Jacket $109.95

(1) CL-158 Gloves. $ 21.95

You can buy these items later after you get started in your next order:

(1) WW-906
Case of 10 Wood frames 9-1/8″ with foundation $28.90
(1) WW-927
Case of 20 Wood frames 6-1/4″ with foundation $45.00

Honey Extraction
(1) CN-205 Food grade 5 gal bucket with a “honey gate” $27.00
(1) CN-210 Food grade 5 gal. bucket with lid & filter $13.50
(1) CN-740 Small Nutrition Label, roll of 250 $13.95